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She began assembling her team with individuals who could provide special talents, enabling her to gradually add more services. She is pleased of the job he and his talented staff produce, and they stand by what they do to aid in your long-term success.


Booking every month​


Booking every month​


Booking every month​

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BTV is known for its commitment to quality, creativity, and commitment. We have completed over 30 projects in some of Jaipur's most prestigious locales since 2015. To produce exceptional projects, we work with talented designers, consultants, builders, and manufacturers.

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Passed by 8 years as a former Environmental Consultant, I am aware of how important environmental factors are to both your health and your investment. Additionally, eco-friendly homes, villas, towns, and open spaces offer much more than just environmentally friendly building practices; they can also be creative, elegant, and ultra-luxurious, fusing sustainable living with cutting-edge architecture

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“Life at Utsav is full of joy and fun. We never thought that we could live our retired life, like our college days. Friends, Hobbies, Passion, Love and what not, we got everything here, which got lost in the busy years of our life.”

Ms Geeta thakar with family

Ashiana Senior Living, Lavasa

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Founded in 2015 by dynamic business leaders, BTV Consultant Group has helped more than 10,000 people find their dream homes through the efforts of our dedicated employees. Our commitment towards assisting people in their home buying, construction, interiors & facility management etc. Our mission is to develop interior and exterior design experiences that are distinctive, compelling and of superb quality and individuality.

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  1. If you’re thinking about buying or building a new home…
  2. When designing a significant house addition…
  3. In the event that an old house is being restored…
  4. If you plan to renovate or modify your home…
  5. Anytime it’s necessary to connect interior design considerations to a current or unfinished architectural plan.
  6. When a lifestyle change, such as working from home, is going to occur…
  7. If you expect to occasionally host social events at your home…
  8. Having to “reorganize” space allocations due to an expanding household…
  9. Whenever complete project coordination is necessary.
  10. When you enjoy a range of fashion trends but are unsure on how to combine them…
  11. When your current furniture layout

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